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We are new! The new passenger elevator series is coming!

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Guangdong Fuji Elevator

Worry-free up and down, comfortable feeling

The ten-year treasure is finally out of the sheath. Recently, the new passenger elevator series developed by Guangdong Fuji Elevator has been reinstalled and more products have been added as options.

This release further validates the innovative ability of the Guangdong Fuji Elevator team and creates a more secure and convenient overall service concept for passengers.

New product release

Make technology people-oriented

Exquisite decoration leads the appearance fashion

Simple space structure

Shows classic details

Simple yet elegant

Versatile in various styles of venues

Mirror decoration increases visual space

New upgraded UI design

The caring and intelligent sense of science and technology is displayed everywhere

Standard car


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Intelligent technology to rebuild the core of the product

Collecting wisdom

Make technology people-oriented

Reconstruct the core of the product with intelligent technology

Interpretation of safety, interaction and linkage

Passenger flow multi-dimensional experience


Smart security

Comprehensive application of intelligent security technology, open information barriers, comprehensive protection of passengers on the elevator safety.

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Intelligent interaction

Apply new smart media terminals and somatosensory technology to enhance the interactive experience and provide a more diverse and intimate experience.

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Intelligent control

Provide a flexible and open interface protocol to integrate elevators into the building network to meet the expansion needs of personalized intelligent buildings.

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Energy saving and environmental protection

The permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine is used to effectively reduce energy consumption by as much as 40%. The new passenger flow distribution model is adopted to greatly improve the efficiency of the elevator.

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Guangdong Fuji Elevator is not only obsessed with the pursuit of innovative technology, but also hopes that technology has a temperature and products have a soul! In the future, Guangdong Fuji Elevator will continue to create more perfect products and service concepts. Bring a more pleasant and comfortable elevator experience to the owners and people working in the building!

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Guangdong Fuji Elevator exchanges your heart for your peace of mind

Together with you, create the future with wisdom!

Guangdong Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd.—Professional ●Safety ●Comfort

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