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FJ-HL-521 (diamond)

FJ-HL-521 (diamond)

Up and down art, beauty in it

The transparent car design realizes the beautiful sight of the sightseeing area and blooms beautifully in the urban building complex. Suitable for hotels, shopping malls, public buildings and other places.

Transparent car wall, glass cover

Adopting high-safety laminated glass, with good permeability, passengers can enjoy the bustling city beauty through the transparent wall: the interlayer in the laminated glass has the function of preventing radiation, buffering the sound wave vibration and achieving sound insulation Effect: The large-area car wall glass design and smooth lines not only beautify the appearance of the car, but also add beauty to the building. 

Standard car

Upper and lower covers: Hairline stainless steel, with acrylic lighting

Sightseeing wall: safety laminated glass

Decorative ceiling: Hairline stainless steel frame, acrylic lighting with LED lights

Car wall: Hairline stainless steel

Handrail: Stainless steel tube

Floor: PVC (optional marble)