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Optional car STD-012

Optional car STD-012

Passenger elevator series, with human nature as the height

Take technology as a weapon and design as a pioneer

Technically, it adopts a new generation of permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and computer control technology, combines a data network system and a modular structure, and uses an effective self-check program to make the elevator system control more flexible, accurate, efficient and reasonable.

Small machine room passenger elevator

Save building space, expand building space utilization, make operation more sensitive and reliable, and make buildings more elegant and beautiful. Small machine room elevator adopts rare earth material permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine and elevator special thin control cabinet, reducing 25mm The height of the machine room makes the area of the machine room consistent with the area of the hoistway.

Passenger elevator without machine room

Adhering to the energy-saving and high-efficiency advantages of machine-room-less elevators, and product upgrades in terms of customer experience, civil construction costs, installation and maintenance convenience, etc., it adopts efficient host and control system, which has faster speed and better riding comfort. Higher security.

Ceiling: Mirror stainless steel

Side wall: CY-9119 mirror etching + hairline stainless steel

Back wall: mirror stainless steel + hairline stainless steel

Front wall: mirror stainless steel

Door beam: mirror stainless steel

Car door: mirror stainless steel

Control box: integrated control box, material: mirror stainless steel

Car Wai: Mirror stainless steel

Floor: FS-CP-L04-5


Decoration options

1、Hall door


2、Ceiling, floor, handrail


3、Passenger elevator man-machine interface